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Cricket Leagues in Atlanta

Atlanta has a strong cricket presence and the number of cricket teams are growing, primarily due to the growing South Asian immigrant population.

Here are some of the popular cricket leagues in Atlanta:

Atlanta Cricket League (aka ACL)

Hard tennis ball cricket league in Georgia approximately 26 Weeks of cricket. The season usually starts in April and ends in October. More than 100 Teams with 1500+ players compete in the ACL. Games are held typically on Sundays.

Atlanta Georgia Cricket Conference (aka AGCC)

Leather ball cricket league of Atlanta. Around 20 teams compete in this league. Games are typically held on Sundays. There are couple of US National Cricket Team members playing in this league.

Georgia Supreme Cricket League

Another leather ball cricket league in Georgia. Around 10 teams participate in this league. This league is known for some high quality cricketers from the West Indies.




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